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Fujitsu Services Limited - Art Commission

Katherine Palmers-NeedhamVanda HarveyCharlotte CornishCharlotte Cornish

"Colour, lots of it, and in a variety of combinations." This was the punchy, to-the-point brief given to us by David Courtley, Chief Executive Officer of Fujitsu Services, one of Europe's leading IT infrastructure management services companies. Having recently refurbished a four storey building at no 22 Baker Street, the home of Sherlock Holmes, the Management was keen to put the finishing touches to the stunning interior design.

The classical facade of the 19th century townhouse opens onto a large reception area, also used extensively as an informal break-out area and meeting point for clients. It was in this area that Fujitsu was determined to create a comfortable working environment either for individuals or small groups. Here, Contemporary Art Holdings Ltd. commissioned five original oil paintings from Cambrigeshire artist, Charlotte Cornish. Already in many Corporate Collections including Glaxo Smithkline and Morgan Stanley, Charlotte's bright, confident work is ideal for this very large space.

On the first floor Contemporary Art Holdings Ltd. acquired for Fujistu four original oil on canvas works by Vanda Harvey. Vanda's work is also colourful, but displays great subtlety in the detail which seemed more appropriate in the slightly smaller space on the first floor. Other Corporate Collections owning Vanda's work include Bankers Trust and S.G. Warburg.

On the third floor, the Chief Executive and senior management area, Contemporary Art Holdings Ltd. commissioned the work of Katherine Palmers-Needham. In a variety of sizes and groupings, these oil-on-linen paintings on aluminum panels were conceived either as pairs or sequential series of up to six pieces. Counting Mark Rothko amongst her influences, Katherine's slightly more muted style is ideal for this quiet, working area.

“We gave Contemporary Art Holdings Ltd. a completely blank canvas in the brief for art, with no pre-conceived ideas, except a requirement that it be colorful. In retrospect this was very demanding, which makes the way they responded all the more impressive. In a series of short meetings with the key decision makers they were able to identify the right artists for the building and set out a clear plan for either the commission of new work or the acquisition of existing pieces. We are delighted with the result and thoroughly enjoyed the process”

Philip Oliver,
Group Marketing Director, Fujitsu Services.